LeRoy Emergency Ambulance Service Inc.

A proud partner in our community´╗┐...

Who We are

LeRoy Emergency Ambulance Service was established in 1977 with funding from donations and was staffed by all volunteers.

Today LEAS is a 501 C3 charitable organization, employing close to 50 Paramedics, EMT-Is, EMT-Bs, First Responders, and Drivers. Some employees having served with LEAS for over 20 years. 

In October of 2006 LEAS upgraded from a EMT Intermediate service to a Paramedic level service.  At nearly the same time LEAS took on the responsibility of providing non-emergency ambulance transport for Bloomington/Normal and surrounding area. By 2009 LEAS had doubled the size of it's fleet to 4 ambulances with 3 in LeRoy and 1 in Bloomington. 

LEAS has a primary service area of 154 square miles, providing ALS service to LeRoy Fire Protection District and Ellsworth Fire Protection District. LEAS also provides ALS upgrades for part of Downs Community Fire Protection District.

The non-emergency division of LEAS provides service to all of Mclean County. For more information on non-emergency ambulance transfers or to schedule a non-emergency ambulance transfer call (309) 962-6114.